4 Plain Simple Grey Bedroom Ideas (for Top Functionality)

The modern urban life full of pollution and colorless nuance does seem boring, but don’t let it affect your personality, including your own room. Even though your room has a gray dull color, with the grey bedroom ideas, everything can be seen as possible.

Well, gray is often identified with pale colors and sadness. However, with some of the following decorating ideas, you will change the image of tinting gray to be sleek, modern, and simple without trying too hard.

Bipolar Bedroom

Bipolar Bedroom
Image Source: homebnc.com

One characteristic of gray is the inconsistency in being a color, between black and white. But, behind these inconsistencies, there is a potential for magical and impressive decorations within these small bedroom ideas.

If you make lots of large windows for your room, the gray in your room will also follow according to the light that is illuminated on them. When the sun is highlighted, your room will be bright, but when the night your room will be dark and quiet.

Minimalistic and Simple

Gray can also impress neatness. That’s why when you apply gray to your room; you should go easy with the furniture. Install some important furniture in your room, and throw away the unnecessary ones.

If you want to maximize a simple impression, you also don’t need to make patterns on your wall, it’s quite plain and simple just like its name. That way, your room will look much neater and wider than before.

A Combination of Several Colors

If you start to lose your mind in creating your gray bedroom, then it’s time to try to innovate using a variety of other colors that are suitable. The recommended grey bedroom ideas do not always contain shades of gray, but rather soft colors that were applied throughout the room.

The following are some colors that can be combined with gray:

  • White
  • Light brown
  • Dark brown
  • Navy blue
  • Sky blue
  • Golden brownish

Soft-Toned Bedroom

Soft-Toned Bedroom
Image Source: idealhome.co.uk

Gray is all about softness and simplicity. The color is almost plain, making everyone feel calm when they meet gray. This nuance is quite suitable to be applied to the bedroom. However, you also cannot damage it by using other striking properties.

One property that is potentially striking is lighting. Avoid the color of the lights that are too bright/white, and choose a light yellow or golden brownish colored light instead. You can also install family photos or paintings, as long as the background matches the color of your wall.

Because of its color structure, gray is classified as timeless color, so you can survive in one shade of gray as long as you want without ever feeling bored. Coupled with the choice of collaboration colors and suitable properties, it will make you more comfortable in the room.

From various grey bedroom ideas above, which is roughly in accordance with the identity of your room and home?

Don’t be afraid to get creative with the basic colors, because the canvas was originally white before it became a beautiful masterpiece.

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