4 Lists of Highest Mountain across the Globe

Talking about the highest mountain in the world, people will probably think of Mount Everest. Indeed, the mountain is the highest point of the world but beside that particular mountain, there are still numerous majestic, tall mountains across the globe. Here are some of them:

Mount Everest

It is believed that the tallest peak of the earth is the top of Mount Everest. The mountain is indeed well-known for being the world’s highest mountain. Mount Everest lies across two countries: Nepal and Tibet. Its height is believed to be over 29,035 feet or 8,850 meters.

The mountain’s name is taken from the name “Sir George Everest”. He was the one trying to locate the precise position of the mountain’s peak, and succeed.

The first group of people to ever climb the mountain did it in May 1953 and they managed to reach the top. The members of that group were:

  • Tenzing Norgay Sherpa, from Nepal
  • Edmund Hillary, from New Zealand

Mount K2

Mount K2
Image Source: pixfeeds.com

The second highest peak of the world is the top of Mount K2. The mountain is located in between Pakistan and China. The mountain’s height is around 8,611 meters or approximately 28,250 feet.

The mountain was first explored by adventurer in 1954. Italian explorers named A. Compagnoni dan L. Lacedelli were first people to summit the mountain.

To this day, numerous people have been trying to conquer the mountain by climbing up to the peak. Many succeed but many also failed. Most of the failures are caused by immense icy surface on the top of mountain, which makes everything so slippery.

Mount Kanchenjunga

Mount Kanchenjunga fills the third place on the list. Its height is approximately 8,586 meters (28,169 feet). The mountain can be found lying across two nations: India and Nepal.

Mount Kanchenjunga is famous around the world and nicknamed “The Five Treasures of Snows”. It is because the snowy mountain is believed to have five kinds of treasures, including gold and gems, hidden on the peak of the mountain.

The first group of people successfully conquered the mountain did their trip in 1955. The group consists of two British explorers named Joe Brown and George Band.

Mount Lhotse

Mount Lhotse
Image Source: wikimedia.org

As the fourth tallest mountain across the globe, this mountain has the height of approximately 8,511 meters or around 27,940 feet. It is situated on the borders between Nepal and Tibet.

The location is very close to Mount Everest. In fact, Mount Lhotse and Mount Everest is connected. However, unlike Everest, climbing mount Lhotse is not fancied by adventurers and explorers as it is full of rocky, dangerous route.

The mountain, known as one of the world’s most dangerous mountains, was first conquered by two gentlemen from Switzerland by the name Ernst Reiss and Fritz Luchsinger. They managed to climb the mountain in 1956.

Those are some of the highest mounts around the world. Surely, Everest is the highest mountain but now you know there are three (and more) others that almost as tall as Everest, even though not as famous.

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