Tips for Revitalising Great Wardrobe Collection after Every Season

Wardrobe change is a challenge you face every end of the season. Choosing what goes and stays is very hard to do for everyone. By using tips for revitalising great wardrobe, this challenge won’t be much trouble!

When you already spent time going out to get new summer clothes, you might already forget the piles of winter sweaters you have to clean out. Check out these tips so this won’t happen to you:

Create Your Goals

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You already know this will be said. No matter how many times you’ve heard this tip, it is still an important factor so you set a schedule to follow.

Setting a schedule of a regular closet or dresser cleaning before you reach the end of the season may help you. It saves you the trouble of having to make many decisions during season change for

Clean Your Closet

Great wardrobe requires a great closet. What makes a closet great? Clean and dust free shelves that aren’t overfilled with clothes. That is why regular cleaning and organizing is important.

Overfilled closets must be cleaned out because it attracts more dust to settle. Overfilling can also cause clothes to have unintentional folds that stick out when you wear them.

Sort Your Clothes

In one of the previous tips for revitalising great wardrobe collection, overfilled closets must be cleaned out. But sometimes you just need to sort it better, because this often causes it to look overfilled.

You need to remember these criteria before sorting your clothes: does it fit, when it was last worn, do you want to wear it again, if it fits your current style, and are you willing to repair it in case it gets damaged.

Flush Your Wardrobe

After you’ve sorted your clothes, you need to clean out the ones that failed most of your criteria. Another tip is to prepare containers to store your clothing before you flush out the wardrobe.

Containers are useful if you still want to keep that wardrobe for next season. If you don’t want to keep more clothes, then consider selling, gifting, or donating them.

Changing Accessories

You often forget that one belt that won’t fit you anymore, or that sock that is missing its partner. You often forget to get rid of them before buying new ones.

Before you buy new accessories, check your old ones to see if already got enough of them. If you’re changing your style, then clean it out with the same criteria as your clothes.

Organize Your New Wardrobe

You’re probably tired of hearing the word organizing now. But you won’t regret later when you do your daily cleaning. Organizing a wardrobe is actually very easy after you’ve done the previous tips. Just organize clothes by type, then color, then by how much you’d wear it.

An organized closet is less troublesome to clean. Especially during the end of the season when it is time to flush out your wardrobe again. If you did all the tips for revitalising great wardrobe, then there’s no worry for any end of season wardrobe cleaning.


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