Manfred von Ardenne and His Great Journey of Life 

Manfred von Ardenne was a talented researcher. He specifically researched on nuclear and atom. He was also known as the one who invented and developed electron microscope. Without it, medical sciences will not be able to develop well.

There are still other interesting things about this life journey. The journey can become inspiring points, so everyone can live with their own contribution as what Ardenne did.

Early Life and Family

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He was born in Hamburg, Germany. He was born on 20 January 1907. He was the first child in his family. His father, Egmont Baron von Ardenne was a Prussian Officer.

His mother was Adella nee Mutzenbecher. She dedicated his life to become mother and wife in the family. Ardenne had four siblings.

Due to the work of his father, they moved to the Berlin Hasenheide. They rented an apartment since his father was appointed to work in Ministry of War in 1913.

Early career

Manfred von Ardenne was a brilliant kid. He was so smart that he could conduct his own experiment. Even, his teacher admitted that his knowledge and skills were beyond other students, especially in the subject of chemistry and physics.

Because of it, his parent gave full supported. Even, he got the best room in the apartment. The room was made into his own private laboratory. He used it for researching in radio technology.

Because of his brilliance, he already got his popularity. He proposed an idea regarding the electron tube. Later, this became the foundation for other researches, especially in the electronic circuit.

Electron Microscope

Von Ardenne developed his own laboratory and made. When he was 21 years old, he got full control of the laboratory. Then, he concerned in technologies of radio and television.

With deeper knowledge, he started to have interest in electron microscopy. It triggered him to build the first electron microscope. He built in 1937.

The microscope was used by him and other scientists to develop research in molecular biology. Even, the microscope is still developed and it is all based on what von Ardenne invented and developed.

Nuclear researches

In nuclear research, Manfred von Ardenne did not conduct it in his own laboratory. After the World War II, he made a pact with four scientists. Then, they were brought to Soviet Union to develop the atomic bomb.

He stayed in Soviet Union and he lasted until 1954. He had great contribution in researching and developing the atomic bomb.

Soviet supported the atomic bomb research because of the political reason. At that time, Soviet wanted to defeat USA in many sectors, including in sector of power and weapon.

One of the important researches conducted by con Ardenne was about the isotope separation. He worked on the separation with other German scientist. The founding made the atomic bomb more efficient and effective.

Personal Life

Regardless all of those great achievements and research, von Ardenne was a great father and family leader. He had four children from his second marriage. He married Bettina Bergengruen.

The second marriage lasted longer and he could keep the marriage to the end of his life. He was aware that family gave him great support in his works.

He died on 26 May 1997. He left a lot of patents and inventions. Electron microscope is not the only patent that he got. Manfred von Ardenne conducted many researches in television and radio, nuclear, and atomic technology.

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