3+ How to Write a Western Short Story

Western short story is a unique story or some people call it fiction or strange genre.

The main characteristic of this genre is the story that involves only one type of character and uses a specific language.

Places used in western short stories are usually arranged in one place and condition.

But how to write a western short story in a good way?

The story of the American people in ancient times was famous for cowboys who rode carrying pistols and faced one on one with their opponents.

Until now it is still used to describe the American people in ancient times in films, novels and games.

For writers, understanding how to write a western short story is something interesting and special.

Important Things on How to Write a Western Short Story Easily

1. Old ideas as an illustration of creating new ideas

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Western stories from ancient times to the present are tied to masculine elements such as very male actor characters and clear storylines.

However, this element has gradually undergone many changes due to time.

Now western stories have a masculine side viewed from different angles such as daring to fight racism, demanding justice in a positive way and technological progress which is now a western identity.

The interesting thing in western stories is that readers are invited to interrogate and explore old values in the modern world.

Western stories have cool concepts, symbols and visuals that writers make to be closer to western life.

So, the reader will be interested and can easily describe what the writer said in the book or film.

2. More than just cowboys and horses

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You may find difficulties on how to write a western short.

But this is the key! Everyone knows that cowboys are definitely western identities.

Cowboys, horses and pistols are things that are familiar with masculine and western characters.

For example, in the children’s film “toy story”, a woody character, a cowboy doll, introduces to children that toys can live as well as the presence of cowboys as brave characters and have many friends.

Cowboys in the western short story (cerpen) are well-known figures who introduce their culture and become icons.

Therefore, cowboy figures are very different than other figures such as pirates, aliens and zombies.

Cowboy is a character who describes the situation of a certain place, time and culture that developed in that era.

3. Anachronism

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Anachronism means something incompatible with certain times.

Whereas anachronism fiction is a fiction that contains characters or ideas that conflict with the situation at that time.

West America is famous for its modern life.

But now there is a more traditional and uncomplicated life that appears in the community.

Today the icon of a horse ridden by a cowboy can be replaced with a machine and a gun that is commonly used by cowboys has been replaced by more modern things with various types of weapons.

Trains and small towns that were previously identical with old time have been replaced by the presence of motorbikes, cars and other vehicles as well as large and good buildings.

Cowboy stories that are written in novels, articles and films today aim to bring readers to know life and culture before.

Often writers and filmmakers make book or film that blend between these two era.

Now it is clear that western have a characteristic in each era, but do not forget about the culture.

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The more things you learn, the more open thoughts and great works you get.


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