Choose Education For Children in Indonesia You Should Know

Education for children is an important thing that we must pay attention to, as parents for the future of our children.

Education that must be passed by children in Indonesia is indeed quite long and gradual.

Starting from early school like Paud, then to kindergarten to elementary and secondary school.

For a better future, children can also continue their studies to Higher Education with their preferred majors.

Each of these stages certainly requires not a small amount of education.

However, if parents prepare these funds early on, then the ideals of our children to go to school to a higher level can be achieved.

After preparing education funds for our children, it turns out the role of parents is not just there.

Parents also need to know the education system that applies to the child’s school.

maybe a few years back we know the terms KBK and KTSP for secondary education.

The term was an education system used by the government at every high school at that time.

Indonesian National Education System


This education system is certainly indeed applied in Indonesia.

This system is implemented in three levels of education, namely primary, secondary and high education.

This system seems to prioritize knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Assessment of students’ report cards also usually considers these 3 aspects.

thus other aspects such as intellectual, spiritual and personal aspects are the main focus of this education system.

weaknesses may be other aspects such as creativity, interest and talent are not raised here.

The European International Baccalaureate System


This education system may be almost the same as lectures in Indonesia.

Where, the students will experience majors in the final stages of school, so they can be more confident about what direction at the end of their school.

When you have chosen the desired department, students will be honed with critical thinking skills on a problem as well as conducting research to solve the problem.

they will learn a lot about cases related to their majors, and they must find solutions to the problem.

That way they will better understand how to handle a problem in that field.

they will usually work individually or in groups.

American Education System


This education system indeed refers to the American State, which is believed to be one of the good educational mecca.

This education system seems to be preparing its students to be able to meet the needs of the industry in the future.

Education focuses more on science, technology, engineering, art, programmers and much more.

In the future, there will be a lot of work in that field and needed.

Students with this education can also be free to choose their field of study and specialization as they wish.

This system also supports the pattern of good interaction with students in groups to solve real problems in the industry today.

Some say if we can know the talents of our children early and direct their education in accordance with their talents, then the child can be more maximal in undergoing education to succeed.

After that the child can share his knowledge with others, and also apply his knowledge in the field of work that he chooses later.

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