Definition of Technology & Communication: Function of Purpose and Development

Information and Communication Technology is a place that accommodates all technical equipment used in the process of delivering information.

In more detail, information and communication technology is divided into two parts, including information technology and communication technology.

Information Technology includes a variety of things that have a relationship with a process, the use of tools, manipulating the results of managing information.

While communication technology is something that is closely related to how to use tools to perform procedures for transferring files or data from one device to another.

Definition of Information and Communication Technology According to Experts


To find out more about the definition of ICT, below are some of the meanings of information and communication technology according to experts:


Susanto stated that information and communication technology is a medium or media used for the needs of file transfers, both in the form of information and data.

In addition, it also becomes a communication tool in the same direction or two directions.

Eric Deeson

According to Deeson, information and communication technology has become a basic human need for the process of retrieving, transferring, managing and obtaining information in a context that will provide personal benefits and the entire community.

Function of Information and Communication Technology


1. Technology has the role of a function as a medium or tool.

In the world of learning, it will be used as a tool for students to understand the lessons delivered by the teacher.

mild example is to process numbers, words, make elements of graphic design, administrative programs, databases, create financial data and so on.

2. Technology has a function as science.

In this section, technology is positioned as one of the disciplines that must be mastered by students.

For example, there are a number of departments in higher education that are specifically studying information and communication technology such as informatics majors and many others.

Even in the latest learning curriculum, students from all levels and majors are required to master this field.

3. Besides being a learning tool, technology also has functions and roles as material materials.

Which is where technology plays a role as a learning theory that must be studied and also used to master certain material (with the help of technology such as computers).

Development of Information Technology


Talking about the development of information technology can be said to be very long.

Examples of Technology: In the past, for example, the public was treated to the discovery of cable phones, radio, television, cameras and so on.

In Indonesia alone, the rapid progress of information technology only began in 1994.

Since then, technology has continued to grow rapidly, one of which is to start using the internet.

Aspects that influence the development of technology include adequate infrastructure.

Until now, technological developments in Indonesia are still in a period of development that continues to move forward.

So that it can be ascertained that in the coming years the public will continue to be surprised by the presence of new technological structures.

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